Etsy.com has promoted more than most of it’s users could have ever hoped for. As young college students looking to make a buck it has helped us not only build a sense of growth toward hopeful futures and allowed us to express ourselves artistically, but also show us the importance of building an encouraging community with other shoppe owners and embracing talents that would otherwise go unappreciated.

Etsy.com has an incredible feature on it’s home page called “Pounce.” Pounce is a way to find shops that recently sold items, or help you discover the undiscovered stores (stores who have yet to sell items). Mimi is often pouncing and often finds stores with beautiful items practically priced, but have yet to have any sales. So we’re giving back to the community that has helped us by helping others! We will attempt to regularly post shoppes that have yet to be discovered that feature beautiful, unique and practically priced items!

Mimi’s find this week is MariesFiber33! Check out some of these adorable items… 

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Caught your attention? To see what else MariesFiber33 has click the link above or you can find them in “Our Favorites” found in our “Blogroll” box at the top right. Happy shopping!