Weekly Treasury #16

I feel it’s time for something a little more gender specific. Recently I found this treasury while searching the term “men” on etsy. This was super modern, bold and perfect for casual or formal wear. This treasury is called “Modern Mens Fashion” and here is a little taste test for you

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Weekly Treasury #15

Dark at heart as we are it’s always wonderful to find items that reflect our personal taste. This treasury is called Black Carnival. It’s as if someone looked into my soul and dressed it up. 

Weekly Treasury # 14

Okay so our treasuries haven’t been so weekly. We’ve been very busy and we’re doing our best. This treasury is called Abstract Winter Scene. I know we probably aren’t ready to think of winter. Personally, I’m in love with it. This treasury depicts the basics of form. Black and white. Monochromatic as winter is…it’s still beautiful.

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Weekly Treasury #13

Oh 13. What an unlucky number. Makes me think of all the times I’ve ever had to go the the Doctor with some kind of unfortunate illness or injury. Going to the Doc has never been a happy experience for me. I’m not sure it really is for anyone.

I found this treasury a while ago with the search term “industrial” and I thought it went perfectly with our steampunk theme. However I assure you that you’d not want to go see this nurse. This treasury is called “Nurse Ratchett?”  and was created by RollingHillsVintage (who has some very neat and practical vintage items). Allow your eyes to draw you into this one:

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Weekly Treasury # 12

It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall outside. The air is crisp and sharp, the trees are turning, the sun shines on a colorful world of light and sounds that only happens once a year. Leaves tend to be the traditional thought of fall, but with this treasury I used the search term “twigs” thinking of all those little branches stripping down to their bare essentials. What I came up with is even lovelier than I had hoped to find. This treasury is called “Style Study #41 Rustic” and is done by VlasBeads (who has some pretty cool items in her shoppe). For your usual viewing pleasure, a quick sample:

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Weekly Treasury 11

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get on and search new Treasuries. Never-the-less, here she is! This treasury was found using the search term “steampunk” seeing as it was about time we found one in our dear genre of interest. It is entitled: Steam Dreamer and has some really cool items. Check these out:

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To see more click the link above!

Weekly Treasury 10

It’s our 10th weekly Treasury! I can’t believe it’s already been ten whole weeks of this treasury dedication! And what beautiful treasuries we’ve seen! I think this week calls for a dance! This Treasury was found under the key term “Tango” and it makes me want to dance! Allow me to introduce you to your dance partner Let’s Dance!” :


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Weekly Treasury 9

Books have always been a wonderful thing to me personally. As both a writer and a reader it’s difficult not to love words. This treasury is dedicated to a very lost art and was found with the keyword “read.” I give you “Books, the keys to our imaginations!”  Have a quick page through with us:

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Weekly Treasury 8

This week’s Treasury is called “Passion for Pink” and was found using the search term “girl” which happens to be my gender and my heart. This treasury is just perfect for a girl and features one of our very own items! Have a quick look and click HERE for more:

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Weekly Treasury 7

So Most of our Treasuries come from search terms, but this one appeared in our activity feed one happy morning while on Etsy. This one is called Fairy Forest Magic.” I love this treasury because everything in it just screams natural beauty. Earth tones, leaves, flowers, trees, it’s all so beautiful I just couldn’t help but share it with everyone! A quick walk through the forest:

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