Steampunk and Neo-Victorian

You may be wondering a bit about our specialty items, mainly what “Steampunk” or “Neo-Victorian” are? Let me give you a brief explanation to those of you who are unfamiliar.

Steampunk is a subculture label, much like “goth” or “emo,” but with a bit more class and far more specific. It’s an idea reminiscent of a time when things were run by steam and coal burning and gadgets were made of bronze and copper, cogs and gears, and nuts and bolts. Basically, it’s our current technology now….running on steam and clock work. Typical attire would be all patch work clothing that incorporated ¬†industrial elements, like gears and cogs. Steampunk has also been called “Industrial Chic.”

Neo-Victorian is another subculture, but is much more formal and extravagant. Imagine a modern Marie Antoinette. Big dresses with extravagant fabrics and rich colors, hoop skirts, hats and hair pieces, and bigger hair…much bigger hair. Men dressed in suits and ties, tops hats and a cane, spats, pocket watches, monocles etc…

Many would say that Steampunk and Neo-Cictorian are very similar and sometimes used interchangeably but they are in fact different. If you were to put them in the same time period, you’d probably consider the Steampunkers the working class and Neo-Victorians the privileged.¬†What we do in our shoppe is bring the two classes together. By incorporating many of the typical traits of each subculture into our accessories we’ve combined our world with theirs. Renaissance lovers, Steampunkers, Neo-Victorians, and folks simply interested in unique items can gather with us and find common ground.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite Neo-Victorian and Steampunk items from other shoppes and a few of our own!

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