Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: The Importance of Your Inner Child

When I was younger my mother decided to pull me out of school before I hit first grade. I never actually understood why, simply because I had felt that I was getting a good education in that tiny little private school I attended. I knew all my colors, I memorized all my alphabet and began reading, and I knew each and every one of the songs and hymns we sang, and all by heart. I loved those old hymns we sang and I would sing them to myself whenever I could or the teacher allowed me, which unfortunately wasn’t very often.

I got yelled at quite a bit back in the day and sat in time-out so many times for singing while I was working. That was why my mother pulled me out. My mother, having been an educator, understood the importance of my singing to my creativity. If I loved to sing and it helped me think, she didn’t want anyone to stop me from singing. She pulled me out to homeschool me and with this new system of education in order I had only one rule: sing whenever my heart needed to sing. I’m in college and I still often hum to myself while I work.

I began realizing how much creativity was important to me when I was younger and how that relates to me now that I’m older. How much of my world was based off my imagination and what I was willing to believe and how much of that effects me now as an aspiring Graphic Designer. I think I started thinking about this a few weeks ago after reading a poem by Thomas Hood called I Remember I Remember. The very last stanza went something like this:

I remember, I remember
The fir-trees dark and high;
I used to think their slender tops
Were close against the sky:
It was a childish ignorance,
But now ’tis little joy
To know I’m farther off from Heaven
Than when I was a boy.

My heart was saddened by this thought, because in all honesty Heaven still feels that close to me. Why is it that so many people grow up and let go of all that childish creativity? It never ceases to be important.

There certainly is a closeness to something more transcendent when you’re young (some call it other things but I call it God). It’s amazing seeing we view the young as unintelligent, but I ask what kind of mind can imagine so much and solve so many problems like a child’s mind? Recently I found a picture (seen below) on the internet that reenforced my deep fondness toward the imagination of the young. The power children have seems so small and yet it inspires an image as powerful as this. I don’t know about you, but I cried when I saw it. I remembered those days when all it took was a teddy bear to make the monsters disappear. When you’re little and don’t understand life, perhaps your imagination is the only way to make sense of everything that seems harmful or unfair. Now that I’m older, I cherish my inner child a bit more, because it was where I left my hope and it may be the only way to channel that hope back into my own life. I allow my inner child to sneak out once in a while. I allow myself to trust when it’s hard. I believe in the unseen and impossible. Though I’m growing up, and much seems to be changing, I learned everything I know from starting off young…and I’ve made it this far.

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: What Arts and Crafts Taught Me About Grace.

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William Morris was a very talented designer in the late 1800’s and one of the biggest advocates from the Arts and Crafts Movement which lasted from the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s (his designs and a photo of himself are seen above). During the Arts and Crafts Movement Morris opposed the use of technology to make items that were once hand crafted. The issue of the industrial age was the demand for perfect quality every time you made an item. There was a forced consistency, and with each new and perfect piece the quality of handcrafted materials seemed less and less appealing because of minor imperfections. Today we have the Citizen’s movement based on the same principals as the Arts and Crafts movement and many websites like Etsy and E-bay to emphasize hand crafted materials and the beauty in their quality.

For Christmas one of my roommates received a hand crafted melted crayon canvas that said Joy comes from acceptance. I took that quote to heart and recently I’ve been observing people a bit more closely to see if there was truth in it. What I’ve discovered is no one likes to have to stand and wait in line much anymore. People are rude to waiters who mix up orders. People who go the speed limit or perhaps 5 mph over (which mind you is obeying the law) are often honked at (if only that) by a single impatient person who would rather go 80 in a 65 zone. Websites aren’t fast enough. Kiosks aren’t user friendly enough and cause unnecessary rages from people who would rather not stand and wait for someone to make their transaction. There is a cacophony of dissatisfaction no matter where you go.

From these observations we see a world of impatiens and intolerance, but over all a high demand for perfection. It’s no wonder people aren’t satisfied these days, they demand Heaven on earth and in most cases Heaven looks like what they want. Most people would simply say that perfection is everything going their way.

Employers often fire people after the three strikes and you’re out rule. Being a business oriented person I can understand employers wanting efficiency in their work place, but does it never occur to anyone to think that people are prone to mess up perhaps 6 or 7 times before they finally begin to develop a rhythm for things? Suddenly this three strikes and you’re out applies to everything. Relationships, work environments, insurance, etc… It’s become socially acceptable to be perfect and taboo to show imperfection even once.

One of my favorite quotes from William Morris is this one:

 No man is good enough to be another’s master.

There is beauty in imperfection. We can learn from being imperfect. We can gain compassion from being imperfect. We can relate to people because of our imperfections. Yet we do not appreciate any of those beautiful gifts that result from imperfection. Isn’t it true? No one really is better than another person! So why are we so keen on demanding perfection from those around us, when we are not even close to perfect ourselves? Where’s the grace? Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Accept things aren’t always going to go perfectly and suddenly the stress melts away. You cannot be held responsible for things that are not in your control and neither can anyone else. Be gracious to those who are flawed (which means everyone). Perhaps if we do, we can show the world that socially acceptable doesn’t always mean morally correct.

Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: Live Again

This is a day when creativity runs dry. It has abandoned you. Lost to the things you wished you didn’t need to do. You feel spent. Wasted. Lost. Time has not been on your side, your mind is weary from long days of giving until there is nothing else.

We’ve all been there. We all go there. We get so caught up in what we think life is. The “daily grind” has become such a norm for people that we’ve lost sight of what living really means. Think about it. When have you taken a moment to sit in peace with yourself? Draw a bubble bath? Journal for a bit. Don’t have anything to write about? Go do something unexpected and spontaneous. Life is what you make it. I have a personal philosophy: The foolish say “We have all the time in the world to live!” while the wise say “Let’s live today, because there may be no time left for tomorrow.” So instead of mourning the loss of our creativity, let’s go somewhere else to cultivate it. Let’s go back to living life instead of hoping for it.



Another Treasury List for Your Cozy Little Hearts!

The weather outside is frightful, but the tea is hot on the stove. Here are two Treasuries made to help you keep warm and cozy on those nights…and perhaps make things a little romantic? 😉 Here is your sneak peek at  Mug Shot and Give me a Tea:

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: Jazzy’s Wedding

Our very own Jazzy is getting hitched! In honor of the occasion I’ve created this beautiful treasury dedicated to her and her soon-to-be husband (God bless him). This treasury gives you a little look into these two extraordinary people and the celebration of their lives together. Enjoy:

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Items to Come!

We’re so excited, because we have new items on the way! Keep an eye out for them in our Etsy shoppe! Here is a sneak peek:

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A New Treasury List!

Check out our newest Treasury List! Dedicated to our favorite invertebrate: the Octopus! This treasury is entitled What has 8 Arms? Or are They Legs? Here is a little sneak peek:

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: Color.

We all need it. We all want it. We can’t live without it (especially when it comes to traffic lights). Imagine a world without color in it? Scary huh? Almost as scary as a world without music or sound. Now stop thinking about it, you might have nightmares.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m more and more thankful each and everyday for the colors in the world. The colors of nature, people, even the monochromatic colors of cityscapes.  Winter’s cold dreariness is not without it’s color, nor is the freshly emerging spring. As both a shop owner and an artist I can’t help but be in love with all the ideas of color, the psychology, the imagination, the combinations and contrasts. I just love it.

Here is a list of Etsy shoppes I found recently that are dedicated to color in all it’s forms. There is something for every taste.:













Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: The True Creativity

I believe that my creativity is not my own doing. Many people refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is a supernatural being and many forget that there is an alternative force beyond humanity. Many argue that humanity is the ultimate force. However, there are those that do believe in a higher power, and the comfort it brings that creativity is not our own is both the ultimate relief and insight.

As I believe it as a Christian young woman, the source of my creativity is God. He created me with a mind that can solve problems, make interesting things, allows me to be my own person and make my own choices and He delights in how I use my mind (when I use it for Him). Yet, in today’s society people refuse to believe that anything outside of the forces of humanity exists which can be darkening and damaging to the creative mind. Recently I ran across this TED Talk. Elizabeth Gilbert describes the importance of knowing something is not entirely her own, and though she and I differ in what we believe, we come to the same conclusion (in not so many words): when it doesn’t go right it’s because it wasn’t meant to. Enjoy and be encouraged.

Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: Happy Halloween!

I was a late bloomer when it came to Trick or Treating. I never did see the point of walking up to a stranger and asking them for candy. My parents weren’t particularly conservative. We did jack-o’-lanterns and other pumpkin carvings each year during Halloween, but my brothers and I showed a lack of interest for various reasons:


1) My older brother had an anxiety disorder.


2) I was a diabetic.


3) We lived out in the country where it was pointless to trick or treat because our nearest neighbor was over a mile away.


I don’t regret it. There was nothing better than sitting around our fire place on halloween with pumpkin seeds roasted to perfection in our little paper origami cups (we made them ourselves), drinking hot cider or Russian tea and listening to mom read us a story that wasn’t particularly Halloween themed. It was beautiful. Peaceful. Uncontroversial.


It wasn’t until high school that I actually went trick-or-treating. I went with a group of my church friends (safety in numbers) dressed as a goth because I didn’t have money to buy an actual costume. It was well received and I’ve been at the very least dressing up every Halloween since.


This year my costume was low budget. I used clothing from my own closet, some makeup (mostly foundation, lipstick and eye liner) and a little Steampunk touch (applied with false eyelash glue). Oh, and an eye patch I made myself from some odds and ends I had laying around. Behold my strangely creepy steampunk doll…. thing…ish…yeah. I really don’t know what to call it.

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Wow…I look freakishly young.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you don’t need to be a child to enjoy childish things, you don’t need to fear looking ridiculous (politicians do that enough already), and you certainly don’t need super tons of money to accomplish a look like this. All you need is a closet, some makeup and a little creativity. Happy Halloween everyone!