Miss Mimi’s Inspiration

Writing has always been a huge part of my life… which is why I’ve always been fearful of being in a creative writing class. I remembered being horrified when my friend recently told me she had taken a blogging class at her college. The thought of having to formulate the perfect…anything with words…made my skin want to crawl off of my body (and not just because I’m lysdexic…I mean dyslexic). I never wanted people to tell me how to write my story. Since when was writing a set of rules? I don’t ever recall somebody showing me how to properly uniform a story when I first began writing! Stories just kind of flowed from my hand to the paper by way of pen. Heck, I hardly new how to spell much less formulate and properly punctuate a sentence! Most of the time I found myself picking up a pen and going at that piece of paper despite all the imperfections in my spelling. After all, wasn’t I imperfect? Writing wasn’t a rule to me, it was something I did because I had something to say. It meant something to put those words down on the soft smooth surface of those blank pages, though what it meant I hadn’t understood at the time.

As I got older I realized that writing became something more than me having something to say. As I took to my pen I realized I wasn’t writing for myself….I was writing to myself. My short stories were filled with things I wished I could be. My poems were emotions I hadn’t been able to make sense of until they were written down. My journal entries became portals into my life that I hadn’t even known existed and were carefully tucked away in the memory files of my mind, because deep down I know some things are never meant to be forgotten. Hopes and dreams became a reality simply because I was able to prove I had them. It was because of writing I was remembering who I was… and at the same time becoming myself. I was given  a gift (totally to the credit of God) and was charged with the task of understanding myself. Once I came to that realization I was ready to write myself a letter.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand life. It’s practically weird, awesomely awful, overrated, under-appreciated, formally casual, consistently inconsistent, and down right the best hardest thing anyone ever has to do. With how simply complex it is…maybe it should be written down.

When was the last time you got intimately real with yourself? When was the last time you wrote yourself a letter?

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration

Let me Share My Sky With You.

I live in a rural area. By rural I mean on one side of my house is an abandoned farm, and all the surrounding areas are grassy wheat fields that wave at the wind as it passes through. The nearest city is about a half hour drive from my house, and as for my town…it’s no longer on the map. There isn’t much to do out here. Just chores, laying in the grass, or sitting on the porch with a good book. But the best part of living this far out in the country? It’s the sky. It goes on forever out here. Storms can be seen hours before they hit, and the sun set is like it’s own fireworks display.

I love going out at sunset when the sky is painted into its own rainbow. My mom and I pull up chairs on the porch and watch the sun fall into the blankets of earth, resting between hills before casting its last shadow. Then we wait for the stars to come out. When they appear, it’s as if the night were as bright as day. Clouds of light are seen in such far distances. It’s like the whole Milky Way just poured it’s self out onto our eyes. I remember one night when I was younger we watched a meteor shower at 3 am. The sky was falling rapidly, and amazement consumed my young mind. Inspired.

I suppose there are many people in the world who are inspired by different things. Some by city lights glowing beneath them as they fly over Chicago. Some are inspired by the music of streets. Some are inspired by wind rustling, or birds singing. What is a simple thing that inspires you?  

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A Little Inspiration from Miss Mimi…

If there is anything my Advertising Prof drilled into me in college it’s that creative juices cannot flow well under stress. So I de-stress with my hobbies. I’ve been known to have many hobbies. Crafting, photography, singing. But most recently I picked up a hobby most people only remember from childhood or never got to try at all. I fly kites.


Kite flying is an interesting hobby to have. It takes a lot of patience. You start with about 2 feet of string loosened from the handle of your kite. You wait for the wind to grab it and then you slowly give more slack on the string until the kite is as high in the air as you would like it to be. Sometimes you have to stand there forever but, as the hobby persists you find yourself able to predict when the right wind comes. There are prerequisite you can feel in the air. Sometimes when I feel lazy I just look at the wheat field next to my house and watch it come and release the kite just as it picks it reaches it’s invisible hands and carries it away (I know I’m terrible). Once it’s up there it doesn’t matter how fast the wind on the ground is. It’s on it’s own wind pattern by then. It’s free.


I used to fly kites all the time when I was younger. I remember my brothers were really into pokemon when it first came out with it’s first 150 characters (those were the days). They were obsessed with that TV show…and I’ll admit I was a bit too. We would grab our kites and fly them as high as we could and pretend they were Pidgis as we waited for 3 pm to come. We were home schooled and finished school by noon everyday. We’d fly our kites and try to tell each other ours was the best. Mine was, just because it was prettier colors.


I’m not sure why I suddenly decided to pick up kite flying again. Perhaps part of me knows I’m growing up quickly. Perhaps it’s just fun (and it is). Perhaps it reminds me of freedom, being a creative person the wind fascinates me. You can’t see it, but it’s still there. It has the power to move buildings, yet the birds still seem to know how to wistfully fly on it, like it’s the easiest thing to control. Whatever the reason, it’s a wonderful hobby, and now my mother can really tell me to “Go fly a kite.” It amuses her and I’m happy to oblige.


We all have hobbies. Most of you reading are probably avid crafters and artisans, but I’m sure you have hobbies on the side as well. Let me know what your hobby is. Leave a comment below and tell us why you love to do whatever it is you do. Happy Hobbying (if it’s not a word it should be). Here’s a little music to help you along with you’re hobby day!