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Life is full of busy days, long work weeks, and the ever so stressful tension of living. The issue we run into as a society is we tend to forget how to slow down. Lately I’ve been made aware of this sad, but true fact. In my life even my hobbies seem like chores every once in a while. The reason? I’m not living  a life with enough margin.

Margin is a time where we set aside for ourselves to be still. Whether it’s a small step like choosing to stay home after a week of running, or a large step like spending an hour sitting and relaxing in silence, prayer, and meditation. Margin is important for many reasons. It helps our brains reboot from long hours of constant thinking, it helps our bodies remain healthy, it helps us refresh our spirits as people, it helps us build stronger more meaningful relationships. All these things are key to being both healthy and happy,  but also helps us to determine our limits and overcome the exhaustion of daily overload.

Yesterday I sat by an inland lake for my time of margin. The waters were so clear I could watch the fish (the biggest catfish I’ve ever seen I might add) swim and feed their way in and out of the water weeds. It was interesting to observe a creature that remained continually at work, and I found myself more than thankful for my ability to just sit and be. It may be hard to feel unproductive, but in the end, it really is more productive than we realize. Who knew that giving yourself a little time could do so much?


Remember….slow down and be.

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This is Totally Cool!

I saw this on my facebook profile and I just had to share it with whoever I could! I’ve honestly never seen something so strangely unique and beautiful as well as fun and functional in my whole life! To see this “Marbelous” table I speak of, just click here. I promise you won’t regret it. Or….you can just watch this video….

But seriously, click the link above to get more info about the art and the artist. It’s super cool.