Industrial Chic: Steampunk Living Spaces

For most interior designers industrial chic is the closest thing to living an all out steampunk lifestyle. Personally I love industrial chic. Minimalism modern mixed with steampunk accents can make one of the trendiest and perfect living environments. I put together this treasury called Industrial Living as a guide to designing your steampunk interior. Here are some pictures I found to inspire you:

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Weekly Treasury #13

Oh 13. What an unlucky number. Makes me think of all the times I’ve ever had to go the the Doctor with some kind of unfortunate illness or injury. Going to the Doc has never been a happy experience for me. I’m not sure it really is for anyone.

I found this treasury a while ago with the search term “industrial” and I thought it went perfectly with our steampunk theme. However I assure you that you’d not want to go see this nurse. This treasury is called “Nurse Ratchett?”  and was created by RollingHillsVintage (who has some very neat and practical vintage items). Allow your eyes to draw you into this one:

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