The Harry Potter Band Wagon!

It’s so strange to think it’s over. I mean, I’ve grown up with Daniel Radcliff just as much as I have with Harry Potter. Though were I a wizard I would have done thing a little bit differently. Not exactly Luna Lovegood different (though my friends all say I remind them of her) but a bit more modern. So I created a treasury dedicated to my favorite house, and my modern sensibilities. To check it out, click here.


Look What’s New!

Mimi’s “Nyphadaora” Feathered Hair Fascinator is now in stock! Check it out and see for yourself, and keep an eye out for more on the way!


Mimi’s Nymphadaora Feathered Hair fascinator is named after a character from the Harry Potter series (and one of my favorite characters might I add) who prefers to be called “Tonks”. Mimi’s Nymphadora is a beautiful display of feathers both black and blue and is anchored by a beautiful center piece. Perfect for adding a little spunk to your life or fighting off evil wizards.

– Mimi’s Nymphadaora Feathered Hair Fascinator is about 22 cm across
– Center pendant is about 5 cm diameter

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