Weekly Treasuries

As we’ve said before, Etsy.com has always been dedicate to building community. One way they do this is by promoting the building of “Treasuries” which are “member curated shopping galleries” where individuals can take items they find in Etsy shoppes and display them in a gallery. Many of the Treasuries are either themed,  a combination of items that would look good together, or dedications to people or holidays, and tend to reflect personal taste.

Jazzymimi would like to make sharing these member curated lists a regular part of our Blog. We hope to bring them to you weekly as we search through Etsy’s massive gallery to bring you some of the most unique Treasury lists! Of course because the galleries are so massive we’ll be using a very simple method of searching. Each week we’ll give you the word we typed into the search bar of the Treasury Section on Etsy. We may not have any reason why we chose a particular word, but if we do we’ll try to give you a quick history as to why we used the word we did.

This week Mimi has found a lovely and colorful Treasury called: “Vinatge Junkies 1 is in a Purple Haze” . It was found while searching under the word “Punk” which goes along with our Steampunk theme of our shoppe in more general terms.

Here is a little taste of what you might find there!

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