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Guess who just got herself a Pinterest account? You got it…. I DID! You can only guess how busy I’ve been putting together inspiration boards for all of you. Here is a link to my ever growing inspiration board of Casual Steampunk attire and accessories. Enjoy!


This just in!

Check out our newest item Mimi’s Toki Steampunk Headband! A lovely steampunk headband that’s great for casual wear or to help add to that steampunk costume. Check it out:

Industrial Chic: Steampunk Living Spaces

For most interior designers industrial chic is the closest thing to living an all out steampunk lifestyle. Personally I love industrial chic. Minimalism modern mixed with steampunk accents can make one of the trendiest and perfect living environments. I put together this treasury called Industrial Living as a guide to designing your steampunk interior. Here are some pictures I found to inspire you:

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: Live Again

This is a day when creativity runs dry. It has abandoned you. Lost to the things you wished you didn’t need to do. You feel spent. Wasted. Lost. Time has not been on your side, your mind is weary from long days of giving until there is nothing else.

We’ve all been there. We all go there. We get so caught up in what we think life is. The “daily grind” has become such a norm for people that we’ve lost sight of what living really means. Think about it. When have you taken a moment to sit in peace with yourself? Draw a bubble bath? Journal for a bit. Don’t have anything to write about? Go do something unexpected and spontaneous. Life is what you make it. I have a personal philosophy: The foolish say “We have all the time in the world to live!” while the wise say “Let’s live today, because there may be no time left for tomorrow.” So instead of mourning the loss of our creativity, let’s go somewhere else to cultivate it. Let’s go back to living life instead of hoping for it.



The Subtle Steampunk: A Helpful Website

One of my favorite websites right now is called It’s actually quite a sensation now, but when I first discovered it it was little more than 30 items per page. Now they’ve grown, and have some awesome apparel items to help people on their journey toward becoming a Subtle Steampunk. Here is an image list of items for your viewing and perhaps purchasing pleasure all provided by and available right now on their site:

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The Casual Steampunk For Him or Her

Many people love the idea of Steampunk, but as we know with popular underground culture and genre, it can seem overboard and outrageously dramatic. Here are some simple tips as to how to stay true to your sense of style, as well as your Steampunk sensibilities.

Tip one: Let your accessories speak for you.

You don’t need to spend tons of money. Any outfit can incorporate a Steampunk accent without being over the top. My personal rule of thumb, if you’re paying over 40 dollars for handcrafted jewelry or an accessory that doesn’t incorporate any visibly expensive materials, you’re paying too much.

Tip 2: Wear earth tones.

Browns beiges and rusty reds tend to be the trending Steampunk colors. For women a white button up shirt with brown dress pants and a matching brown shoe would be appropriate for work or a semi formal event. For men black pants with a white button up shirt, a vest ,and shinny black shoes can also be Steampunk. Men tend to have the leg up on this because men’s wear really hasn’t changed much in the way of cut and style for decades. Leather can be incorporated in a wrist band or belt, and even a small under-bust for women is acceptable but if you’re looking to be semi formal you’re better off without. My suggestion, check out the local thrift store. There is always something there that can work.

Tip 3: Keep it modern with old time touches.

The cleanest look I find with Steampunk is if you stick to a modern or indy kind of look using your accessories to express your  inner Steampunk. By ‘clean’ I mostly mean professional. Seeing as Steampunk seems to revolve more around formal wear (or at least what we consider formal wear today) it is much easier to be semiformal or formal for the most part, but complete casual wear is available all over Etsy if you simply look under the search term “Steampunk Clothing”. It’s all over the place.


You’re probably wondering how this all looks together right? Here is a collection of photos of people who seemed to get it right and a few of my own personal choices. From casual to formal, this is what the subtle Steampunk looks like.

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This Just In!

Mimi’s “Key to Sincerity” is now on sale! There is more where this came from so keep an eye out for new items!

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