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For those of you who read our blog avidly, I’m sure you’re aware of the many unusual, exciting, and over all awesome things we put up here on our Blog, but might I also remind you that we’re showing off so much more on our Facebook! Interested? Check out our facebook page and like us! You’ll get the inside scoop on what we’re reading, looking at, keeping and eye out for, all your Steampunk interests and even get a coupon or two! Check us out at JazzyMimi on Facebook! Take polls to let us know how you want to shoppe for Steampunk style and get first picks of our newest items. Let us know what you think of us!

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: Jazzy’s Wedding

Our very own Jazzy is getting hitched! In honor of the occasion I’ve created this beautiful treasury dedicated to her and her soon-to-be husband (God bless him). This treasury gives you a little look into these two extraordinary people and the celebration of their lives together. Enjoy:

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The Subtle Steampunk: A Helpful Website

One of my favorite websites right now is called Modcloth.com. It’s actually quite a sensation now, but when I first discovered it it was little more than 30 items per page. Now they’ve grown, and have some awesome apparel items to help people on their journey toward becoming a Subtle Steampunk. Here is an image list of items for your viewing and perhaps purchasing pleasure all provided by modcloth.com and available right now on their site:

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: Body Art

Art has many forms. Math is art with numbers, Science is art with chemicals and DNA, and then there is the art we know as fine art. One thing about art is the many applications it has in life, and some of the best forms of art are the most eccentric. If there is any kind of art I admire… it’s body art. Here is a wonderful blog I found recently that includes some very beautiful body art pieces.


Here are some tattoos I found and adore.

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New Item!

Miss Mimi’s Ai Steampunk Feathered Ear Cuff is in and ready for you.One of my current favorite pieces blending Steampunk with Asian culture. Bold and beautiful. Check it out:

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This year I’m thankful for



my cats

and light traffic while driving home

I’m thankful for taste buds

ears to hear music

feet to walk run and dance with

arms to hug and hold with

fingers to tickle and touch with

and  eyes to see the most wonderful moments come and go

I’m thankful for Christmas coming

for summer going

for winter snows

for stars that glow distant and bright

for moments with friends that you can’t (or rather shouldn’t) talk about at the dinner table

(but you do because everyone deep down really wants to hear it)

Mostly, I’m thankful for existing

and that God choose to let me exist.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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New Item!

Check out Miss Mimi’s Yuna Steampunk Headband up for grabs right now!

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Vacation Notice

Though Our Shoppe is still open, we will not be able to send out items until after Thanksgiving Break (November 28th). We apologize for any inconvenience and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Items to Come!

We’re so excited, because we have new items on the way! Keep an eye out for them in our Etsy shoppe! Here is a sneak peek:

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A New Treasury List!

Check out our newest Treasury List! Dedicated to our favorite invertebrate: the Octopus! This treasury is entitled What has 8 Arms? Or are They Legs? Here is a little sneak peek:

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