Bad News Kids….

Unfortunately due to time constrains, school, and many other issues, we will be closing our Etsy shoppe. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and hope you all have all enjoyed our posts, picks and products.


Miss Mimi signing off.

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The Subtle Steampunk: A Helpful Website

One of my favorite websites right now is called It’s actually quite a sensation now, but when I first discovered it it was little more than 30 items per page. Now they’ve grown, and have some awesome apparel items to help people on their journey toward becoming a Subtle Steampunk. Here is an image list of items for your viewing and perhaps purchasing pleasure all provided by and available right now on their site:

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Weekly Treasury #16

I feel it’s time for something a little more gender specific. Recently I found this treasury while searching the term “men” on etsy. This was super modern, bold and perfect for casual or formal wear. This treasury is called “Modern Mens Fashion” and here is a little taste test for you

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US Steampunk Conventions of 2011-2012!

There are still conventions to be had in 2011 and more to come in 2012. Here is a quick guide to what is blowing steam in the United States and when. For more information (registration, maps, and itineraries) please follow the links to their respective websites. Not all available conventions are listed and many have yet to be announced so keep checking the blogosphere for more events.

Don’t forget to check us out for any of your Steampunk accessory needs and feel free to look at our other blog posts for more great Steampunk inspiration.  


Emerald City Steampunk Expo November 12-14

SteamCon October 14-16

TelsaCon November 18-20


Clockwork Con January 20-22 

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition March 16-18

Anomaly Con March 23-25 

Want to Know How?: Fabric Flowers How To

A few friends of mine have been asking how I  make the flowers I do for some of our crafts. Since my time has been so stretched and I haven’t been able to sit down and actually record a tutorial, I thought I might give a resource as to how to make flowers such as these:

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To see how these and a few other beautiful fabric flowers are made click here.

Weekly Treasury 6

This week’s treasury was found with the key word “Stars.” This word was chosen because Mimi lives in the country far from city lights where the sky is vast and each star is visible in a cloud of glowing dust across the sky on a clear summer night. This week’s treasury is called “You Are My True North”. Here is your usual sneak peek.

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Click the bolded link above to see more awesome picks!

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This is Totally Cool!

I saw this on my facebook profile and I just had to share it with whoever I could! I’ve honestly never seen something so strangely unique and beautiful as well as fun and functional in my whole life! To see this “Marbelous” table I speak of, just click here. I promise you won’t regret it. Or….you can just watch this video….

But seriously, click the link above to get more info about the art and the artist. It’s super cool.

And now…a Short Moving Picture…

The Steampunk world is not without it’s artists (as we’ve proven time and time again). Now a moving picture for you viewing.


Quality sound comes from gears and cogs, we all know that right? Let us tickle your ears. You may want to get a candle though, it’s a little dark in here.

Now before anyone gets on my case: I’m not going to say Panic! At the Disco has much of a steampunk sound, but this music video is actually pretty cool if nothing else.

Another musical experience presented by Steampunk Chicago called A Night at the Clockwork Vaudville: A Steampunk DJ Mix

Weekly Treasury 5

Another awesome Treasury awaits! This week we used the keyword “Sassy” because it’s how we were feeling. This is what we came up with. The list is entitled “There will be consequences!” and has some pretty sassy stuff …hey we tried to keep it PG 13.

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Fun right? Click the bolded link above to see more.

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