The True Meaning of Christmas

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A Reminder

For those of you who read our blog avidly, I’m sure you’re aware of the many unusual, exciting, and over all awesome things we put up here on our Blog, but might I also remind you that we’re showing off so much more on our Facebook! Interested? Check out our facebook page and like us! You’ll get the inside scoop on what we’re reading, looking at, keeping and eye out for, all your Steampunk interests and even get a coupon or two! Check us out at JazzyMimi on Facebook! Take polls to let us know how you want to shoppe for Steampunk style and get first picks of our newest items. Let us know what you think of us!

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: Jazzy’s Wedding

Our very own Jazzy is getting hitched! In honor of the occasion I’ve created this beautiful treasury dedicated to her and her soon-to-be husband (God bless him). This treasury gives you a little look into these two extraordinary people and the celebration of their lives together. Enjoy:

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The Subtle Steampunk: A Helpful Website

One of my favorite websites right now is called It’s actually quite a sensation now, but when I first discovered it it was little more than 30 items per page. Now they’ve grown, and have some awesome apparel items to help people on their journey toward becoming a Subtle Steampunk. Here is an image list of items for your viewing and perhaps purchasing pleasure all provided by and available right now on their site:

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Vacation Notice

Though Our Shoppe is still open, we will not be able to send out items until after Thanksgiving Break (November 28th). We apologize for any inconvenience and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Subtle Steampunk Look

Another online find that made me think of all you wonderful subtle steamers. 😉 A lovely little collection of clothing and accessories that can help you get started on your journey toward  a daily Steampunk style. 

New Items in Sale Section!

Check out what we just added to our SALE SECTION! Some lovely Pretties waiting for you to purchase them.

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Miss Mimi’s Inspiration: The True Creativity

I believe that my creativity is not my own doing. Many people refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is a supernatural being and many forget that there is an alternative force beyond humanity. Many argue that humanity is the ultimate force. However, there are those that do believe in a higher power, and the comfort it brings that creativity is not our own is both the ultimate relief and insight.

As I believe it as a Christian young woman, the source of my creativity is God. He created me with a mind that can solve problems, make interesting things, allows me to be my own person and make my own choices and He delights in how I use my mind (when I use it for Him). Yet, in today’s society people refuse to believe that anything outside of the forces of humanity exists which can be darkening and damaging to the creative mind. Recently I ran across this TED Talk. Elizabeth Gilbert describes the importance of knowing something is not entirely her own, and though she and I differ in what we believe, we come to the same conclusion (in not so many words): when it doesn’t go right it’s because it wasn’t meant to. Enjoy and be encouraged.

Miss Mimi’s Inspiration

I think the hardest part of being an Etsy curator is the emotion and time you put into it. It’s like that for any small business I suppose (especially online). You’re online daily looking and checking, making sure you have the right keywords, double checking product quality, and the time spent making the product lovingly. There are a lot of emotions you pour out, tons of time you give up, and a lot of yourself you give to the creation of every product that you eventually have to ship out.

I know it’s strange to be emotionally attached to an object. But somehow things are different when you make it yourself. I think I’ve mentioned before that many of my items are made when I need to wind down or de-stress from a long and upsetting day. Each item designed is something I made to prove that there is still beauty in my life even when I don’t see it. Never have I failed to see this beauty, even if the products don’t come out how I would like. I don’t need to make my own beauty to know there is beauty in the world, but perhaps the fact that I can make something beautiful to contribute even on my worst day makes me a bit emotional. Thus I grow attached.

I’ve been blessed with a gift of artistry, but every gift comes at a price. Sometimes I have to remind myself that everything I make is just “stuff.” I use “stuff” because of the words diversity. There is no one thing that I can personally pinpoint as an element of reason. It’s the stuff that I stressed about during the day, it’s the stuff I bought to be able to make something awesome, it’s the stuff I have an overabundance of because life is more stressful at some points than others and I become a crafting machine, it’s the stuff that made me sit down and actually want to make something in the first place. It consists of a lot of “stuff” that goes in and out of you. Emotions, moments, time and energy. In the end I can look at a product, and all that “stuff” is still there, and eventually I have to let that stuff go. Why? Because it’s only right to share such beauty with the rest of the world.

How about you? What’s the stuff inside you that you express artistically?

Steampunk According to PBS

I found this video the other day, and though we have many good explanations of what Steampunk is I found this one to be very well done. For those who continue to wonder…here you go….