Some Helpful Tips

In today’s economy there is a hesitation for people to buy products online. For those of us who are online sellers it’s trying times, but there are ways to help you improve your sales and views. Here are 3 simple tips for online sellers:

 1) Target your audience!

Figure out who you want to market to. Do you make a specialty item that relates to a certain people group? Then target that group via blogs or facebook groups. You can use all kinds of aspects of the internet to keep track of what people are into. Once you figure out who to market to…advertise and promote like crazy.

 2) Price it right!

Items can be hard to sell if they’re priced too high or don’t look worth what is asked for them. However, it’s also important to make sure you don’t undersell yourself. If you are making handmade items like we are, it’s best to keep 2 things in account: labor and supplies. Keep track of how long it took you to make the item and calculate based off of your states minimum wage. As for supplies keep track of how much things cost when you buy them and add that to your items price based off of how much of each supply you used. If you need to make a trek to get your supplies, keep track of gas prices and how much gas you used and include it in the item price. Also don’t forget to keep shipping and handling in mind. If you’re selling an item that is manufactured or commercial, make sure to check what similar items are selling for and try to make yours competitive (or within the same price range). If you intend to have sales in the future leave yourself a good buffer by making sure you have a bottom line price (a price you refuse to sell below).

3) Good Pictures!

Above all else you need to make sure you have good photos and not the photoshopped kind either. People want to know the item they’re buying as it is, not as it was enhanced to be. By showing them the size, texture, and real look of the item you enhance your potential for views and buys immensely. If you’re selling accessories like we are, it’s best to try to show the item being used as it was intended as well as alternative uses. For example, if you’re able to use multiple photos, get one of  just the item, one of how the item is worn/used, and an item in setting (such as with the kind of attire it could be worn with, or if you’re selling…say…a chainsaw…get a picture of it next to a chainsaw sculpture or a tree stump). Make sure you have good natural lighting, and if you can’t get a good picture talk to a friend who might be able to get you better progress. You want them to look as close to professional as possible, without manipulating the item’s color or condition. Feel free to be artistic, but make your item the featured object of your photo, and make it distinguishable and realistic.  


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